We are so spoiled for magnificent new buildings in Setif that it’s all too easy for a masterpiece to go unnoticed – as proven to me by the Four Squares Hotel. The hotel chain has set up shop in Setif  at  PRAK MALL Tower.Which stunned me not only with its flagrant grandiosity, but also the fact that, in a decade of living here, I’d never once clocked it sitting next to the Tower of Park Mall. How had such a beauty escaped my notice?

If one were to judge on looks alone, the answer would be an emphatic yes. Because The Park Mall Tower is as beautiful on the inside as out.


Great Hotel in a good location


The Park Mall Tower is literally across the main city road, which would surely make an impression on tourists; however, the hotel’s perch right on the border of the City is probably better suited to business clientele (the City at the weekend is a frustrating place for leisure visitors, with everything closed save a handful of chain sandwich shops  and restaurants ). In fact, the more you look at it, the more you realise FS  works best as a really, really beautiful business hotel – graceful, ornate, but unromantic. Ruminate further and one can discern the business traveller at its heart; see the building’s former incarnation as a centre of trade, or how the “East meets West” sensibility could be less spiritual, more Silk Road, or even just practical (the hotel is midway between London’s East and West End).We had a wonderful experience in this fabulous hotel. The staff were most helpful with any questions we had. We ate at both restaurants and really enjoyed both. Excellent location with many tourist attractions close by. Also very good cafes and restaurants within walking distance. Tram station very close if you want to go into other places in Setif .





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