Adrar : an oasis in the Tuat Sahara Desert .

Adrar was formerly called Timi in reference to the local Berber people, the Timmi, who settled their village there. The actual name, Adrar comes from the Berber which means mountain. A long time ago, the town was a strategic trade route between North and West Africa. Nowadays it’s a palm grove settlement the largest of the Touat oasis group in the Sahara.

Adrar was taken by Moroccan forces until 1900 until the French captured it from them. With the end of the Algerian war of Independence, it became a part of independent algeria.

Because of its location, it is mostly constituted of sand-dune-covered plains. The contemporary town consists of a monumental gateway with two main squares and rectangular avenues.

The welcoming people in addition to the breathtaking landscapes will make you want to visit Adrar more than one time in your life !


Bibliotheque Habott

This monument was built during the 13th C and is situated in Chinguetti. It’s a library that contains an impressive collection of books ranging from the third century through the fifteenth. You are immersed in hand-copied manuscripts and codexes which are the treasures of a small literate class at that time. When you finish to cross the labyrinth of narrow walkways you’ll be able to access to this hidden library that is well worth a visit !


Terjit Oasis

This is by far the best place to visit after a long day of hiking in the desert on foot. It is the most visited Oasis in the region of Adrar. The hospitality of the people mixed with the relaxing atmosphere will make you feel as if you were a sultan in a heavenly palace.

With the intense heat of the desert there’s nothing more relieving than an Oasis. There’s also khaimas if you want to pic-nic or take some rest.



Ouadâne is an old and small town. It is considered as one of the most enchanting semi-ghost towns of the Sahara. It is sitting on the Adrar Plateau and used to be a place of scholarship. Nowadays, there’s only twenty families living there. They are kind people that are proud of their culture and will share with you all the stories of Adrar and show you the best places to visit.



This incredible place situated in the region of Adrar and Mauritania has once been the center of ancient imperial capitals. It was the starting point of the greatest expansions of the Berber Almoravids in the 11th Century and their spread of Islam in West Africa.

Its Oasis is perfect for a sleepy retreat when you decide to visit all the region of Adrar. You can also ride a camel to do so and it will be less exhaustive. You will be able to have the best perspective to dominate all the sahara and more particularly Adrar.

Places to Visit near Adrar:



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