Algeria Geography

Geography of Algeria

Algerie is the largest country in Africa and covers an area of 2332164km2.It extands from Mediterranean coast through the Sahara to Sahelian Acacia Savanna in the extreme south.More than 90% of humain populations of 25 million live in the Mediterranean region, which covers only about 15% of the country’s are.This region comprises a fertile coastal strip and two parallel mountain ranges running east-west, the Tell Atlas and the Sahelian Atlas.The Tell Atlas is more northerly and consist of a series of ranges running along the coast and reaching an altitude of 2,308m above the sea level.The highest peak of the Saharan Atlas is 2.236m. Between these two ranges lies the Hautes Plateaux, an undulating area At elevations of 900-1000m.the remaining 85% of Algeria is occupied bu Sahara,which countains vast areas of sand dunes(erg),expanses of bare rock and stones (Hammada ) and gravel pains(reg).The main area of dunes are the grand Erg Occidental, Grand Erg Oriental, and Erg Iguidi. In the south of Algeria lie the Hoggar Mountains(highest point, 3003m) and to their east, the Tassili Mountains.

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