Biskra : the capital of zibans

Biskra is well-known for its climate, natural resources, ideal location and farming development. These are the main reasons of the passage of plenty civilizations in Biskra. It has experienced the passage of the Romans, the Arabs and the French. Thanks to this rich past, the culture of Biskra is really wide and diversified.

The inhabitants of Biskra are really warm and welcoming people. They always appreciate to share with their hosts and to tell proudly the history and legends of their town to the tourists.

Because of the desert the climate is always dry and hot. It’s worst in summer, that’s why it’s recommended to visit it in spring.

The reason of the mix of architectural buildings that can be found in Biskra is due to the three major phases which it came thru. First, during the Roman period, it was considered as the capital of southern Numidia. It was prosperously built by muslims. Then came the Turkish period they focused more in building mosques, seguias or local buildings. Finally, the colonial phase brought with her the urbanization of the city.

All this various settlements offered to Biska a vast variation of monuments and landscapes to enjoy !


El Kantara

El Kantara, not to be confused with El Qantara in Egypt, is a well-known commune in Biskra. The Kantara means literally “The bridge”. The Arab   named it like this because of the bridge that was built by the Roman soldiers. The arched bridge of El kantara was constructed over the river in the bottom of the gorge to allow caravans and military supplies to pass through the town easily.During the second century A.D, Syrians have planted the first palm grove in the area.

The region is famous for the gorge described by the inhabitants as Mouth of the Desert. The gorge is narrow in terms of wideness but when it’s question of highness it’s 120 m-high.

Elkantra biskra tourism


Tolga Oasis

This municipality of Tolga is situated in Biskra. It became internationally popular thanks to for its high-quality dates. From the 500,000 date palm trees, most of the dates produced (deglet nour) are exported.

Its population is mostly Chaouis however there’s a minority of Berber and Arab with Turkish Origins. This diversity in the population is the result of a tumultuous past.

It has been proved that the Romans had occupied the Tolga Oasis during the republican time because of the rectangular stones from the Roman era that have been found there.
The town had also been the headquarters of a Bedouin clan from southern Egypt.  They had migrated under the leadership of the Fatimids around the 10th century.

The oasis of tolga


Sidi Okba Mosque

It is told that when Uqba ibn Nafi was murdered by the army of Kusaila in 642, he was buried in the current Sidi Okba. Later on, they built a mosque on top of it as a sort of commemoration.

No special ornamental decorations had been used as the image of the style of oldest Islamic architecture.

This mosque is constituted of one decorative door placed way after the construction, three hallways, the prayer hall and the mihrab.

Although the Sidi Okba Mosque had been irregularly shaped, it’s an interesting place to visit when you go the Biskra !

Sidi okba destination


The gardens of the Zibans

The gardes of zubans is a great opportunity for  Biskra residents and near cities to enjoy a family friendly, vacation at a very affordable price. It’s a place where kids, and kids at heart, can unwind and enjoy a day of fun in the sun! the  park guests can play on giant inflatable toys, ride double water slides and lake zip lines, swim, and lounge.

Les jardins des Zibans

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