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What to visit in Blida?

Blida is situated in the south of the Mitidja plain. Also called “city of roses”, it has a mild Mediterranean climate that result in an abundant array of plants and animals. It was founded by a marabout called Sidi Ahmed el Kabir in order to accommodate the Andalous refugees. He brought with him the art of irrigation and transformed the sterile lands into plenty orchards.

This city of art and history has a rich patrimony situated in a charming place. It has preserved a particular ambiance, especially of Andalous music, that lends them tourist appeal.

What to visit in Blida?

1st November square

Located the heart of the city, it’s known as the most iconic place to see in Blida. The inhabitant describe it as the perfect place to read a book. Indeed, it’s a wild space ideal for a walk or a ride in bicycle. The best period to discover it is in spring or summer. The cool weather will allow you to have great fun with your family or your friends.


The mausoleum of Sidi Yakoub

This legendary garden has mysterious origins. During centuries each saturday, , the citizens of Blida went in procession to the mausoleum of Sidi Yakoub and entered with their barefoot.

It’s an unmissable place to visit. You can caption amazing spots where the have a picnic in complete peace and security.



The old synagogue of Blida

This is the best proof of the tolerance that reigned a long time ago. Many religious communities used to coexist and cohabit in harmony. After all, it was built between the two mosques of Ben Saadoun and Hanafi.

A part of it has been transformed to habitations but it’s mostly preserved. It’s without doubt not a detour that you will regret to make. It’s an amazing and aesthetic building to see once (or more) in your life.


Ben Saadoun mosque

Sacred and religious place, its architecture is breathtaking and stunning. It was constructed in the XVIe century. In other words, it’s the oldest mosque of Blida. With a surface of 260 m² it can contain around 800 prayers. It has amazing prayer rooms in addition to a quadrilateral minaret. The facade of this last has a Moorish ornaments style.

If you go to Blida you cannot skip this monument, it’s as if it represented the stamp of the town.

Chrea National Park

Definitely, the most famous place in Blida, you must go there in winter when the snow covers the winterly landscape in white color. So many families have great memories in this place. Don’t miss your chance to go there as soon as you can.

The nature dominates the scenery that you can have from the top of one of the mountains. There are no houses in the horizon, only the forest as far as your eyes can see. It’s the finest way to take a breath of fresh air. If you have children, they will be happy to creat funny snowmen or doing snowboarding.



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