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Algeria is full of natural resources, historical events but also many places to visit. Even if we all know that, some of us didn’t have the opportunity yet to discover them. Sétif is one of the cities which are emerging economically and touristically due to some important factors : Its caring about her monuments, its geographical location and its efforts to encourage the local investments. If you want to visit a place, there’s no better source of information than a guide himself.Let’s put the shed light on the  different aspects that will convince you to visit it for sure (Its history and customs, its famous places and so forth).

If you wonder what you can visit in Sétif, just follow us thru this article.

Where can you go ?

The Zoo

One of the most famous place of Setif, it has a decade of animals. Tiger, lion, dromedary or many types of birds, they will be pleased to welcome you. There’s also an amusement park in the center of the zoo. Don’t miss your chance to have great fun in this uncommon place.


The national archeological museum

In front of the current headquarters of the wilaya, the museum is a marvel. It’s a place where the public travels through the memories of ancient civilizations, but not only. It’s additionally a scientific institution where researches are made. The conservation, study and enhancement of archaeological collections helpsto show the knowledge of humanity thru the time.


Situated 50 km nord-east from Sétif, this archeological site is a remarkable example of Roman town planning adapted to a mountainous place. Because of its forum, temples, basilicas, triumphal arches and houses it has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.It was once an opulent Roman city that sheltered nearly 10,000 inhabitants. Located on the high plains of Setif, between the coastal Atlas and the Aures, the area served as an olive grove and granary to the Romans.

In brief, it’s indubitably a place to visit in your life at least one time.

Ain Fouara

The fountain Ain Fouara is located in the historical center of Sétif, near the city park and the new mall mall. The legend says that “Whoever drinks from this fountain, will certainly come back”.  Unavoidable place for Sétifians, especially in the evening, they come to relax. Moreover, the visiters cannot do without taking pictures around the statue.  Mythical place that characterizes Sétif, you must visit it !


Park Mall




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